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Tiffany M. Pinckney

My Story


Tiffany Pinckney

Founder of  BThe1st

Tiffany Michelle Pinckney is a vibrant and charismatic New York City native, loving mother of two amazing sons, community-based entrepreneur who’s extraordinary circumstances have taken her from welfare to Wall Street. As the first Convalescent Plasma donor due to the COVID-19 pandemic, who’s plasma has helped saved the lives of many, Tiffany has been a Community Coordinator for the Department of Homeless Services in the New York City Wall Street area despite all the odds against her.Tiffany was raised between Manhattan and the Bronx and graduated from St.Raymond’s Academy for Girls. 

But her story begins on a billboard in the busy streets of Harlem where her face still is literally the poster child for adoption calling residents to “Bring Our Children Home Again.” It wasn’t until the age of 16 when Tiffany learned that she had been given up for adoption by her birth mother who conceived her at the age of 12 years old.

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Although Tiffany was adopted into a loving family who provided a privileged and suitable home, Tiffany always knew there was a unique contrast between her and her surroundings. She had a distinctive style, a witty personality, an outspoken demeanor, and didn’t always fit in.  


After leaving home Tiffany faced homelessness, slept on roofs of New York City buildings, and experienced Domestic Violence. She later went on to earn a B.A. in Business Management, an MPA in Public Administration Degree to become a Community Coordinator of the  New York City Shelter system where she was once a resident.

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Tiffany believes every set back she experienced throughout her life was a set up. She now uses her voice to influence, motivate and inspire others to persevere, persist and plow through every one of life’s difficulties.

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