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Becoming the first person in the United States to donate Convalescent Plasma is a circumstance in which I could have never foreseen. The pandemic known as COVID-19,which could have taken my very existence instead set in motion hope, determination and courage. Out of this ordeal BThe1st has been birthed. 

BThe1st is a brand and logo with much diversity and tiers. My Mission is to empower, and inspire individuals, by mobilizing each listener to help build self-determination and believe in possibilities. 


The core component of BThe1st is a motivational speaking platform, designed to spark and trigger individuals to have might, heart, strength and to persevere through life’s hardships, confusions and difficulties. 


It is important to me to help others understand, becoming the first to pioneer, becoming the first to sore, and becoming the first to achieve in one’s own life is obtainable. It's okay to BThe1st for you, BThe1st in your family, BThe1st in your community and most importantly BThe1st for someone else. 


The second component of my organization is a soon to be self-published book, revealing the uncensored diary of what it was like having COVID-19, surviving and becoming the first Convalescent Plasma Donor in the United States. 


The final element is my Apparel & Gear with the “BThe1st” logo. My desire is when individuals wear any of BThe1st merchandise they will feel empowered to “become”. My niche is also in customization. This is done by implementing the creative thoughts of clients and bringing those ideas to life through custom made tee-shirts, hoodies, and tote bags with more accessories to come. 

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